Seriously good design #1

— August 4, 2013

In this series of posts I will be showcasing examples of seriously good design that I have found posted around the web. This could be anything from typefaces, icons, buttons & more. If you want to submit anything that you

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WWDC 2012

— June 14, 2012

A few days ago Apple kicked off the annual WWDC event which normally includes various new product announcements and other things for developers. On the opening day, they announced possibly the most anticipated rumor, a retina display on the MacBook

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Coda 2

— May 24, 2012

Well as you might of guessed this article is about Coda 2 which was released by Panic today. I have been using Coda for a long time, as far back as I can remember, probably at least 4/5 years, pretty

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Education or teach yourself?

— February 4, 2012

I often wonder how people in the web design industry get to where they are and by what means helped them get there. So in this post I will be talking about my own path to where I am in

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A few weeks ago, my current employer, had accepted an offer from to acquire us to take over their Communications channel which covers mobile phones and broadband deals.


I'm a front-end web developer with over 5 years of commercial experience in which I have been fortunate enough in my career to work with clients such as the BBC, Vodafone and Sky along with the opportunity to work with some very talented designers and developers.