Responsive Design vs A Dedicated Mobile Site

At work, we have just recently launched our mobile version of our Mobile phones website. Previously to this, about 2 months ago, we launched our mobile version of our Broadband comparison site.

If you go to these websites on your desktop, you will see the mobile optimized view, is this a bad thing? Or a good thing?

Other people in our company think it’s a bad thing, there all quite happy in the whole ‘everything should be responsive’ camp. But in our case, we have lots of large images, badges and JS etc which would just hinder the user experience greatly if you were visiting our site on a mobile device.

So with that in mind, we went down the dedicated site for mobile devices. This way could easily maintain and update the site as needed and the most critical point is, we could tailor the whole experience just to show the most necessary content needed and get rid of anything that is superfluous. This could be anything that is managed by our extremely powerful CMS, any copy, any extra imagery, and loading in CSS & JS that wasn’t needed etc.

Here is what the home pages look like for our broadband and mobile phones homepages on a mobile device.

uSwitch Broadband & Mobile phones

The other advantages of doing a dedicated mobile site, is that the page weight is considerably less, our mobile site load is under 2 thirds of the size that the desktop site is, so just imagine loading the the desktop site on a mobile device, huge savings and makes for a much better experience overall, so if the savings are there to be made, I’d always opt for the dedicated mobile site.